Competitors in Plantation Rum Cup announced

July 22, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

The Australian and New Zealand hospitality industry have come out in force to compete for the inaugural Plantation Rum Cup. A full list of competitors features below with on-premise teams set to promote their cocktails until late August. 

Any Covid closures will be taken into account throughout the judging process and organisers have suggested that venues plan for how their Plantation Rum Cup cocktail could feature on takeaway menus if Covid restrictions continue or are implemented in their regions.

The Plantation Rum Cup is a team competition including all members of a venue who create or enhance the guests’ experience. The competition is divided into three stages:

  • Cocktail Promotion
  • Finalist Judging
  • Grand Final

A team is defined as consisting of two team members and a maximum of three, including at least one bartender, and one person from another area of the venue – it could be a the chef, waiter, host – from any section of the hospitality industry.

Together, the team creates a Plantation Rum cocktail using rums from the Bartender Classics or the Signature Blends ranges and promotes it for a minimum of six weeks in the venue.

Each cocktail will be made and judged in an off-location setting, to ensure a fair assessment is made to each recipe by all teams across Australia and New Zealand. Points will be awarded on the cocktail recipe, cocktail sales and in-venue and social media promotion. 

Finalists will be announced via the Plantation Rum Asia Pacific Facebook and Instagram page on 1 September.

On Monday, 20 September, the finalist teams will compete against each other for the first major title of Plantation Rum’s kind, a luxury experience provided in the winners’ home location and a ‘Welcome to Summer’ Party in the winning venue on 1 December.

Rum is one of the most diverse spirits to exist. Each country or production zone is its own unique “terroir” with unique characteristics, a particular soil, traditional growing patterns, and specific techniques.

Plantation Rum sources rum from all over the world – from the Caribbean to South America and to Asia Pacific – to express their unique terroirs with ‘savoir-faire’ by master blender, Alexandre Gabriel.

As in their core ranges, the Bartender Classics and Signature Blends, the rums are blended with a variety of terroirs and/or ages and then rested in ex-Ferrand Cognac barrels to achieve a well-made rum, holistically. The same can be said for a team in a venue.

Show your support for the competing venues and enjoy their Plantation Rum Cup 2021 cocktails:

New South Wales & Australian Capital Territory 

  • Rum Diary Bar Newcastle
  • Neighbourhood Bondi
  • Jacoby’s Tiki Bar
  • Blue Kahunas
  • Cantina OK!
  • The Lobo
  • Grain 
  • Old Mates Place
  • Marble bar 
  • The Exchange Hotel
  • Loft Byron Bay
  • Shorty’s

Victoria & Tasmania

  • 1806
  • Moosehead Whisky and Blues Bar
  • Union Electric
  • Sherbini Bar
  • Evolve Spirits Bar
  • Wheelers food trucks and bar
  • The Rum Diary Bar
  • Black Pearl
  • Curious Bar 
  • La Madonna
  • Bar Clara
  • Collection Bar


  • The Woods
  • Cobbler
  • Electric Avenue
  • Canvas
  • The Walrus Club
  • The Gresham
  • Osbourne Hotel
  • The Captains Daughter
  • Santé cocktail bar
  • Maker
  • Suzie Wong’s Good Time Bar
  • Savile Row
  • Backlane Bar & Street Food

South Australia & Northern Territory 

  • Maybe Mae
  • Westward & Chandelier Bar 
  • Fumo Blu
  • Remy’s deep dish pizza bar
  • Ounce Bar
  • Memphis Slim’s House of Blues
  • Hains & Co
  • Westward
  • Hains & Co
  • Clever Little Tailor

Western Australia

  • Tiki as Fk

Auckland & surrounds 

  • Liquorette
  • Bedford Soda & Liquor
  • Baduzzi
  • Ghost Donkey
  • Saxon + Parole
  • The Poni Room
  • The Bramble
  • Rooftop at QT Hotel
  • Bellini Bar at Hilton 
  • Fitzroy Lounge Bar

Queenstown, Christchurch & surrounds

  • Cork Bar
  • Reds
  • Zanzibar Dunedin
  • Harbar
  • Mama Cod
  • LaLaLand Lounge Bar
  • Casa Publica

Wellington & surrounds

  • Hawthorn Lounge
  • Bitters & Love
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