Code Black – good medicine for lovers of coffee & whisky

February 19, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

The Gospel will launch their Melbourne made Code Black Coffee Liqueur, under sub-label The Dispensary on Wednesday.

Code Black Coffee Liqueur is a rich, whiskey-based coffee liqueur made in collaboration with well-respected Brunswick coffee legends Code Black Coffee. The partnership was formed on their shared philosophy of being guided solely by the quality and flavour of the liquid they produce. Sharing the 3056 postcode forms part of a wider connection both brands have with the Brunswick community. 

Blended by coffee and whiskey fanatics with the intention of being devoured after the sun has gone down, Code Black Coffee Liqueur embodies the deliciousness expected from a coffee liqueur with the added complexity of a whiskey base. 

“Code Black Coffee Liqueur is a celebration of The Gospel and Code Black Coffee. The 3056 coffee blend was selected to complement and support the cinnamon spice of our rye, while the balance of alcohol and sweetness allows the vanilla, malt and chocolate coffee profile to shine. Neither element is lost.” says Andrew Fitzgerald, Co-Founder of The Gospel

The liqueur is a blend of The Gospel’s Straight Rye Whiskey and Solera Rye with Code Black Coffee’s signature 3056 coffee. The coffee, with its chocolatey, malty, vanilla profile, complements the oak sweetness of the Straight Rye Whiskey and allows the spiciness of the rye to peek through. As one of the lowest sugar coffee liqueurs on the Australian market, Code Black Coffee Liqueur has an aroma and nose of coffee and oak, with a dry and smooth finish. 

“We’re so excited to launch a coffee liqueur with a point of difference – a dark spirit base.” says Code Black Coffee. “Neighbours with a shared passion for quality and flavour, the match with The Gospel made perfect sense to us. What’s not to love, great coffee and great whiskey, blended together to make the perfect coffee liqueur.”

Best enjoyed cold, on the rocks or in an Espresso Martini, Code Black Coffee Liqueur is the perfect evening companion. 

The Dispensary is a series of spirits made by and for The Gospel staff, and is complementary to or built from their 100% Australian Rye Whiskey. What started as an in-house flavour experiment, distilling for themselves and their weekend cocktails, is now available for everyone to enjoy. 

Code Black Coffee Liqueur is the second drink released under The Dispensary. Limited to 250 bottles with an RRP of $35 for 500ml, it will be exclusively available on The Gospel distillery website from 8:30am Wednesday 24 February. It will also be available to try on the menu at Code Black Coffee’s Brunswick HQ.

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