Cocktail masterclass with one of Australia’s best

August 20, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

Cocktails and wine…it is not a pairing that immediately comes to mind. However, Maybe Sammy’s mixologist, Will Oxenham, reminded us in a cocktail masterclass last night that Vermouth is essential to a negroni every day of the week and any cocktail ending with the word, ‘Royale’, features Champagne as an ingredient.

Drinks Trade joined the award winning bartender last night as a guest of Taylor Made Wines. The two businesses have partnered and will present a live virtual masterclass on the art of wine cocktail making on 28 September.

Guests were shown how to create two delicious cocktails at home –Passionfruit Sgroppino using Taylor Made’s newest release the King Valley Prosecco and the Claret Snap using the Taylor Made Clare Valley Malbec.

Each cocktail looked great, was easy to make, easy to drink and perhaps best of all, not too boozy. That was the beauty of it: these are drinks you could have any time of day: for brunch, aperitivo or as a digestif.

Drinks Trade also learned that in addition to the Prosecco, the Malbec should be chilled and the glasses, stored in the fridge or the freezer until the very last minute in the cocktail making process. Crucial information for any serious home-grown cocktail maker.

You can join Mr Oxenham on Tuesday 28 September when he teaches cocktail enthusiasts how to make the two original cocktail recipes created by The Best Bar in Australasia 2020 using two of Taylor Made’s expertly crafted wines as a key ingredient. The live event will take place virtually on Taylor Made Wines’ Facebook page.

“While these wines on their own are delicious to sip by the bar, I’m excited for people to taste them as part of these fun and creative cocktails,” Mr Oxenham said.

A curated kit of cocktail making tools, ingredients and Taylor Made Wines will be available to purchase – but get in quick, as only 200 of these kits will be made available to the public.

Included in the kit are a selection of bar tools, batched ingredients for each of the cocktail recipes, and two bottles of Taylor Made Wines to sip while enjoying a behind the scenes look inside Maybe Sammy and a hands-on lesson at crafting the two cocktails using wine as a key ingredient.

Tickets are now on sale for $115 + booking fee and available at:

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