Cocktail Co creates Espresso Martini Easter Eggs

April 4, 2019
By Alana House

Cocktail Co has teamed up with Sydney based artisan chocolatier Bakedown Cakery to create Easter’s ultimate boozy treat: the Chocolate Butterscotch Espresso Martini Easter Egg.

The egg itself comprises an outer shell made of single origin Peru chocolate which encases an alcoholic ganache to evoke the flavours of the cocktail.

The ganache includes Hampden Estates Overproof Rum, Mr Black Coffee Amarao and Baker Williams butterscotch schnapps.

The “Eggspresso Martinis” are available in three different sizes – mini, medium and a limited edition overproof version.

According to Cocktail Co:” The Overproof combines well over a whopping 500g of solid quality chocolate as well as more booze in the ganache – call this the Cask Strength/Navy Strength/Overproof version! There’s only a small quantity of the Overproof version though, so hop to it so you have something to enjoy to yourself that the kiddies can’t share.”

Order your eggs via Bakedown Cakery for delivery from April 8 at

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