Coca-Cola reveals special Star Wars Coke bottles

April 15, 2019
By Alana House

Visitors to the new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attractions coming to Disney’s theme parks will be able to purchase Coca-Cola drinks packaged in special bottles inspired by the Star Wars films.

Coca-Cola and Walt Disney have worked for more than three years on the Star Wars Coke bottle designs, creating dozens of prototypes of all shapes and sizes. The final designs feature the Coke, Sprite, and Dasani colour schemes, but the logos are all written in Aurebesh, the most common written and spoken forms of Galactic Basic used in the films.

The idea to use Aurebesh text on the labels came during a tour of the Coke Archives in Atlanta, where Coca-Cola signage with the brand’s iconic Spencerian script logo in various languages caught the attention of a few Walt Disney Imagineers.

“We started with a blank piece of paper and ideated and iterated with Walt Disney Imagineering on what Coca-Cola products and packaging would look like in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge,” said Ellen Gutierrez, director of strategic partnerships and brand marketing, Coca-Cola. “We think fans of both Star Wars and Coca-Cola will love what we came up with together.”

Coca-Cola Star Wars collaboration

As Disney’s longest-standing corporate partner, Coca-Cola was there on opening day of Disneyland in 1955 and Walt Disney World in 1971, so it was keen to do something out of this world for the new theme park.

Staying true to the look and feel of the world of Star Wars was paramount, explained Scott Trowbridge, Disney’s lead Imagineer for the park.

“When we first approached Coca-Cola and shared the idea of bringing their products into the Star Wars galaxy in a new and unique way, they immediately saw the opportunity to give our guests the refreshing drinks they love in a way that maintained the authenticity of the story – which is very important to us – and that was, frankly, just plain cool,” said Scott Trowbridge, portfolio creative executive and studio leader, Walt Disney Imagineering.

Coca-Cola Star Wars collaboration

“Even the cap on the package was a true collaboration,” says Susan Propp, vice president of strategic partnership marketing for Coca-Cola. The companies have even applied for a patent for the new “overcap” they developed, which sits atop the orb and keeps the beverage from spilling.

“To quote Walt Disney, ‘It’s kind of fun to do the impossible’,” she added. “This was a passion project that provided us with an amazing opportunity to connect with our consumers in a galactic – and only-Coke-can-do – way.”

Star Wars coke will be available to purchase at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge when it opens on May 31 at Disneyland Park and on August 29 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Watch a video about the new Star Wars Coke bottles below:

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