Choose to DrinkWise campaign launches for festive season

December 7, 2020
By Ioni Doherty

Choose to DrinkWise, a new moderation messaging campaign, has been implemented across the retail drinks industry reminding Australians to drink in moderation in the lead up and during the festive season.

The campaign was created by social change organisation DrinkWise in partnership with Retail Drinks Australia, and is part of efforts to create a healthier and safer drinking culture across the country.

The campaign has the backing of the New South Wales Minister for Customer Service, Victor Dominello, who said:

“If there was ever a year to pay attention to the Choose to DrinkWise campaign, this is it…We all have to drink wisely of course, so I can’t think of a more important time to get behind the Choose to DrinkWise campaign.

“Enjoying a drink with friends or family is part of the Australian culture. Any way that we can educate and remind Australians about the importance of enjoying a drink responsibly, is a message I’m in favour of.”

The campaign will be promoted via the marketing channels of Australian Liquor Marketers/Independent Brands Australia, Coles Liquor Group, Endeavour Drinks, Liquor Legends and Liquor Marketing Group, as well as many independently owned and operated liquor retailers across.

Simon Strahan, CEO of DrinkWise said that while the decrease in consumption continues, it remains important to support that trend and promote mindfulness around moderation.

“Australian Government statistics confirm the continuing trend that Australians’ relationship with alcohol is improving. Overall, less are drinking at risky levels and many have reported that they have cut down*. This initiative aims to harness and support that trend through visible point-of-sale messaging, which will also be seen across advertising and promotional channels.”

Michael Waters, CEO of Retail Drinks commented, “Retail Drinks, our members and the broader industry are strongly committed to retailing responsibly, which is why we’re proud to launch this initiative in partnership with DrinkWise…

Choose to DrinkWise focuses on the important message of ‘choice’ – pleasingly Australians are continuing to make wiser choices about their relationship with alcohol…. Australians are choosing to drink less, and better quality and we expect this positive trend to continue.”

The initiative is a proactive campaign designed to engage consumers in a positive, retail-consistent moderation message. It will also allow consumers to access moderation information and advice in a timely manner through digital channels.

To find out more about this initiative, visit DrinkWise or Retail Drinks.

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