Chandon Launches a New Style of Sparkling Wine

January 10, 2017
By Alana House

Chandon has released a new style of sparkling wine for the Australian Summer. Chandon S is inspired by the Champagne cocktail, infusing hand-crafted orange bitters into the signature, crisp Chandon to produce a light, sparkling aperitif.

The process took 18 months for the bitters development alone, as well as over 300kgs of fruit. Chandon Senior Winemaker Dan Buckle said, “Our bitters exploration began by taking a broad view of aromatics. As winemakers, we specialise in blending ingredients to find the perfect flavour profile. For bitters, we simply expanded our ingredients list and with this came an explosion of flavour profile possibilities.”

The zesty fresh fruit flavours of Chandon, a combination of vibrant Chardonnay and red fruits and spices of Pinot Noir, is balanced with the unexpected bitterness of the orange, leaving a clean and moreish finish.

The perfect easy cocktail for on-premise, Chandon S is recommended to be served as a Chandon Twist –  made simply by pouring 120ml of Chandon S into a stemless glass, topped with ice and garnished with a twist of orange peel. The bottle also offers consumers a sense of value for money, with the combination of bitters and sparkling in one.

Chandon S is distributed through Moët Hennessy Australia, at RRP $$32 per bottle.

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