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Casella Family Brands launches ‘The Magic Box Collection’

November 13, 2018
By Alana House

Inspired by the magic and craft of winemaking, Casella Family Brands has launched a new wine collection called ‘The Magic Box’.

The Magic Box Collection includes four wines featuring vibrant and colourful labels and names – PepperBox Shiraz, CedarBox Cabernet Sauvignon, ButterBox Chardonnay and BerriBox Rosé. 

Caroline Wood, Senior Brand Manager, Premium Wines – Marketing at Casella Family Brands, said The Magic Box Collection has been developed to appeal to Millennials and celebrates the nostalgia of magical pop culture. 

“Today’s Millennials (aged 24 – 35 years) grew up with Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and other magical pop culture references,” said Wood. “The Magic Box Collection is designed to intrigue and engage this audience in a way that’s relevant and relatable to their lifestyles and interests. 

“Millenials are less influenced by the wine world of romantic vineyards and rolling hills and instead, are seeking out a more personality-driven experience. They are drawn to brands that simplify complicated wine terminology and give confidence to their purchases with bold designs and flavour-led labels that describe taste.” 

While Millennial shoppers might still be building their wine experience and knowledge, they account for almost one third of total wine spend (and growing) in Australia. 

The Magic Box Collection sits in the $10 – $15 price segment – the number one segment by value and growing at 3%, as shoppers generally look to premiumise from cheaper segment.

The enchanting range is available from Dan Murphy’s and BWS nationally, as well as selected independent retailers, at a RRP of $14.99 each. 

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