Casella Family Brands Completes Acquisition of Peter Lehmann Wines

January 16, 2015
By Alana House

Casella Family Brands has completed its acquisition of Peter Lehmann Wines, since the period of consideration by shareholders has now closed.
“It’s time for PLW to move to the next stage in its evolution. It has had, at times, a turbulent corporate history, and I am delighted that it is finally in private family ownership”, Margaret Lehmann said on completion. “I believe it will continue to flourish. I wish John Casella all the best and look forward to seeing the PLW business and the Barossa region prosper under his leadership.”

While Managing Director of Casella, John Casella, said:  “Today we have achieved a historic milestone for CFB and PLW, and a positive development for the Australian wine industry. As with any transaction of this size, scale and complexity, there is a transition period ahead in order to efficiently integrate the two companies. As this is only the beginning of the process, we ask for the patience of all stakeholders as we work through the merger. Our focus for the New Year will be to deliver a successful 2015 vintage.”

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