Campari Academy expands reach

May 17, 2022
By Ioni Doherty

The Campari Academy will expand its reach with an online bartender led programme of curated content to educate, connect and inspire bartenders around the world.

The digital space complements an existing network of physical hubs, including in Australia where a physical Campari Academy is already established and working hard on the ground alongside local on-premise trade.

The global platform will launch in May, opening up a space for the international bartending community to connect and discuss news and trends, share ideas and goals, and grow their own professional network. This in turn will be supported by the local Campari Academy network that will coordinate on the ground activations and networking opportunities for communities in their region.

Patrick Piana, Group Head of Commercial Capabilities at Campari Group, says: “Bartenders are the beating heart of our industry and we want to support and champion that. For years Campari Group has been committed to creating networks and hubs for local bartending communities to engage with, collaborate across and learn from.

“We’ve seen great success with this over the last decade, and now wish to welcome all bartenders all over the world to be part of this movement. We’re creating something which is inclusive and which we hope will inspire bartenders the world over in a way never seen before.”

The educational programme is led by bartenders who will share their insights and experience. Campari Group has appointed Monica Berg as Creative Director. Based in London, Ms Berg was voted most influential international bartender in Drinks International’s Bar World 100 2021, and in 2019 won both the prestigious International Bartender of The Year at Spirited Awards, Tales of The Cocktail, and Bartender’s Bartender by The Worlds 50 Best Bars.

She says: “The industry needs educational platforms which can impart knowledge, inspire creativity and prompt discussions which the bartending community can really engage with. By working directly with bartenders as well as leading voices from varied disciplines, we can provide the community with a network and platform which currently doesn’t exist.”

In addition to Australia, local Campari Academy teams are also on the ground in Italy, the US, Spain, Brazil, Austria, Jamaica and China with France and the UK to follow shortly.

Perspectives – Campari Academy Docuseries

A flagship element of the Campari Academy will be the docuseries Perspectives, that will
deep dive into poignant topics relating to the drinks industry and hospitality, and how they’re
interpreted around the world. The docuseries will consist of top quality produced bitesize
episodes which have been filmed around the world and, working with a range of experts, will
cover a range of themes with global significance and which resonate with the industry.

Each theme will be explored across three episodes, exploring a range of perspectives and providing
inspiration from a variety of cultures, the first of which will be premiered at Roma Bar Show
on Monday, 30 May as part of a seminar and Q&A session with Monica Berg. The following
two episodes will be premiered in similar style at Cocktail Spirits in Paris and Tales of The
Cocktail in New Orleans.

The first theme for the Campari Academy docuseries will be Community & Culture.

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