Calling Melbourne’s swiftest mixologists! Monkey Shoulder needs your speed this World Cocktail Day

May 11, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

This Thursday is World Cocktail Day and Monkey Shoulder whisky by challenging some of Melbourne’s most talented bartenders to create cocktail-making history.  

Partnering with one of Melbourne’s most iconic drinking holes, Welcome to Thornbury, the whisky maker is gearing up to break the Guinness World Records for the most cocktails mixed in one minute.  

The current ‘swiftest cocktail mixer’ title sits with a New Yorker, who broke the world record in 2013 by mixing a whopping 18 cocktails in one minute. But Monkey Shoulder – the whisky made for mixing – is seeking to bring the title home .  

Melbourne’s swiftest bartenders and self-made mixologists are invited to join an epic battle of speedy cocktail mixing skills and bar-top flair, with the aim of making Australia officially the number one spot for cocktail-making at high speed.  

Mixers and shakers are urged to begin practising their “mix, shake and serve” techniques, ready for the big day. And Melbourne cocktail enthusiasts are invited to witness the legendary battle witness the legendary battle with the first 200 cocktails being served up for free from 5.30pm.

To join the almighty competition, record-holders-in-waiting, can sign up here for consideration.

Monkey Shoulder Brand Ambassador, Lucille Rose said: “At Monkey Shoulder, we love to shake things up and experiment with our whisky, so we thought what better way to showcase our dedication for mixing than to steal the record of the swiftest cocktail mixer from the Americans? We can’t wait to see the swiftest cocktail mixer in action, taking on the challenge and bringing it home for Australia.” 

To capture the spirit of the day and its record-breaking intent, Monkey Shoulder is also be teaming up with several venues across Melbourne to serve a special cocktail – the Monkey Old Fashioned – available for just $15 to enjoy with friends.  

The iconic cocktail features muddled sugar mixed with bitter and water, blended malt whisky and a zest of orange. It will be available at select bars around Melbourne.  

Participating venues:

  • LIGHTHOUSE VENUE: Welcome to Thornbury, 520 High St, Northcote from 5.30pm
  • Murmur Piano Bar, 17 Warburton Ln, Melbourne 
  • Hightail, 727 Collins St, Docklands
  • The Mint, 318 William St, Melbourne
  • The Brunswick Mess Hall, 400 Sydney Rd, Brunswick
  • Natural History Public Bar, 401 Collins St, Melbourne
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