BWS team outfitted by local designers

July 13, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

From this month on, BWS’ 9,000 store team members will be able to choose t-shirts designed by any of three Australian designers as the retailer revamps the work wardrobes for their team members.

BWS Managing Director Scott Davidson said, “We want our team members to feel empowered and wear clothes that reflect their personality and style.”

BWS collaborated with three Australian designers for the project. Bianca Beers is from Sydney’s Blacktown and is an independent artist and designer specialising in digital illustration. Art Director, Sam Rowlands, grew up on a cattle farm out past Mandurama in New South Wales. She relocated to Sydney where she has worked as a fashion designer and branding designer. The third artist is leading designer, Brisbane based tattoo artist, Steen Jones. 

Team members get to choose which artist’s designs to adorn their t-shirts.

“This initiative was rolled out based on the input of our fantastic team. They now get to select the design they prefer to wear, which reflects our value of ‘You can be yourself and have fun’,” said BWS Head of Culture and People, Bryony Tainton.

Artist and designer Bianca Beers from Blacktown is an independent artist and designer specialising in digital illustration, and she has created an elaborate illustration about the art and magic of mixology.

Art Director Ms Rowlands has incorporated a snake enjoying beer and a croc grabbing a bottle of wine in her t-shirt designs.

“I thought it was fun and a bit cheeky to play with the qualities of liquid softness and our harsh native animals,” said Ms Rowlands.

“My goal is that team members enjoy what they wear, make it their own, find it funny, tweak it in their style. That’s what fashion is all about, giving people the stuff to show off their personality!”

BWS Team members will start wearing their new wardrobes in July.   

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