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BWS targets mindful drinkers with new POS

January 9, 2020
By Alana House

New research by BWS has revealed almost half of Aussie drinkers are spending less time at on-premise venues.

The poll of 1500 drinkers between the ages 18-60 showed that 49% are drinking less in bars and pubs, with a 20% increase in Aussies opting to enjoy a drink at home with their partner or hosting dinner with friends.

The research also found 57% of Aussies are considering changes in their consumption because of ‘reduced socialising’ and ‘weight loss’. One in five Aussies are also now looking at the nutrition/allergen/ABV labels when they purchase alcohol.

Around 69% of Aussies have no desire to drink less than they do currently, with 23% more likely to consider low-alcohol, gluten-free or ‘mid-strength’ options in the long-term, compared to 22% who would consider abstaining completely, should they consider changing how they consume alcohol.

Following the results, BWS has updated its point-of-sale elements in store to highlight products that are low alcohol, no alcohol, low carb, low sugar, no sugar, mid-strength, organic, vegan, gluten free and preservative free.

BSW point of sale

Vanessa Rowed, Head of Marketing at BWS, said: “Australian lifestyles are evolving, and as our customer’s tastes and choices change, so does our range. In the last five years there has been a distinct move towards low and no alcohol drinks and so, in that time, we have sourced different products to meet this need.”

BWS point of sale

“But we haven’t stopped there. With many Aussies enjoying vegan, gluten free, low sugar and even organic lifestyles we’ve stepped up our game there too.”

BWS point of sale

BWS shoppers will see brands such as Heineken, Carlton and Chapel Hill, which have already explored organic, vegan and low alcohol options to mirror this lifestyle shift, as a few examples of the lifestyle categories identified by the liquor retailer.

Analyst puts his money on mindful drinking

Danny Brager, Senior Vice-President, Beverage Alcohol Practice (US) told a recent Drinks Association Network Breakfast that health and wellness is the top alcohol trend drinks companies should focus on for future growth. 

When asked what he’d put his last dollar on in the drinks category, Brager’s money was on “the conscientious drinker”.

The popularity of Dry January, Dry July, low-carb beer, alcohol-free spirits and hard kombucha in Australia also suggests that ‘mindful drinking’ is the latest health-craze among Aussie consumers.

Brager (pictured above with Nielsen Australia’s Marcos Senine) noted that he feels it is “trend not a fad” and is a “big deal” for both the industry and consumers.

He said Nielsen data shows the main reason people are drinking less beer in the US and Australia is that they are opting for a healthier lifestyle, with 40% of US respondents flagging it.

Beverage drinkers aged 21-34 are particularly mindful, with 66% of them making an effort to reduce their overall consumption of alcohol.

“Australians are reducing the alcohol they consume with one-in-four claiming they have done so recently,” he said. “This is more pronounced for men aged over 40. When exploring the reasons behind the reduction in alcohol intake, 32%” of beer drinkers said they are opting for a healthier lifestyle.” 

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