BWS amps up convenience with ‘one hour delivery guarantee’ & expansion of drive-through service

April 23, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

BWS is amplifying its focus on convenience for customers, and has become the first Australian drinks retailer to offer a guarantee on its one-hour drinks delivery service.

The guarantee means that if a customer’s drinks take longer than one hour to be delivered, BWS will give the customer free delivery* on their next order. 

“The events of 2020 have forever changed the way our customers shop and their expectations of convenience have never been higher,” said BWS Managing Director, Scott Davidson. 

“We try hard to make BWS the most convenient place to buy drinks, which is why we are introducing a guarantee so customers can count on us for getting speedy delivery,” he added.

To announce the delivery guarantee, BWS has launched a brand new campaign which includes a commercial that reminds customers of the dark times of a world BC – Before Convenience. 

BWS has more drive-throughs than any other Australian retailer and with its 220 drive-through stores being the strongest performers of the 1400 its outlets, the retailer is also accelerating the transformation and plans to update with 62 more drive-throughs by the end of this Financial Year.

“Customers have a new-found appreciation for our drive-thrus as they provide a safe, contactless and convenient experience,” Mr Davidson explained.

The return of the drive-through is in step with global trends. Fast Company reported last year that:

“While carhops have been around since the 1920s, and drive-throughs have been around since the 1940s, the experience is bound to change more in the next year than it has in the past decade.

“While the fast-food industry has serendipitously braced for this moment for a few years—namely, by introducing apps to help take orders and partnering with delivery services—the way that the physical logistics of your car, the power of digital and AI technologies, and even the design of menus all come together will feel radically different from what Americans are so used to.”

Last year in Australia, BWS introduced contactless car service in 28 of its drive-throughs and also transformed the stores with digital billboards and other signage to help customers navigate through the new service.

The contactless car service means customers remain in their cars on arrival while a team member takes their drinks order and delivers it back to their boot after conducting RSA checks. Customers can also place an order online or via the app to pick-up before they arrive.

Endeavour Group’s digital arm, EndeavourX is working on more ways to enhance the drive-throughs experience. 

“We are looking at innovative ways on how we can integrate digital tools and advanced technology into enhancing customers’ experience at the drive-throughs,” Mr Davidson added.

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