Buzzing about Aberfeldy Barrels & Bees Cocktails

August 3, 2022
By Melissa Parker

Barrels & Bees is a Sydney-based project that brings the signature honey notes of Aberfeldy whisky together with honey to create a buzz around cocktails, bees and urban honey making.

Some of Sydney’s best bartenders took part in an educational day out thanks to The Urban Beehive Sydney, learning how honey is made, the types of honey available in Australia, conservation and why bees are important and of course how to use honey in drinks.

Following their bee experience bartenders headed back to the bar with their newfound knowledge and supply of local honey to experiment and get creative. Their task was to put their spin on the Aberfeldy classics – the Hot Toddy and the Golden Dram.

Their honey inspired cocktail creations will be on offer to consumers during August with Aberfeldy making a donation for each cocktail sold going to the Wheen Bee Foundation, an Australian bee charity that promotes the importance of bees for food security and raises funds for research that addresses the national and global threats to bees.

“Just like honey, Aberfeldy whisky is available across the world. Urban beehives are thriving across Australia and we are proud to partner with local producers, incorporating delicious tasting honey which is unique to cities into Aberfeldy cocktails,” said Hayley Loveridge, Aberfeldy Brand Manager.

Honey inspired Aberfeldy cocktails can be experienced at venues Aria, Burrow Bar, Hickson House, Jolene’s, Nola, Rosie Campbell’s, Smoke Bar at Barangaroo House, Sofitel in Darling Harbour, Stitch, The Bank, Baxter Inn, The Doss House, Duke of Clarence, The Swinging Cat and Zushi in Barangaroo and Surry Hills.

Here is just a slice of what you can expect.  The Duke of Clarence has crafted the Hot Toddy with their spiced honey mix. This cocktail blends together Inner West honey from the Urban Beehive with fennel seeds, peppercorn, cinnamon, star anise, clove, rosemary, lemon and orange peel with a warming hint of ginger.

The Copper Queen by The Swinging Cat is a classic with a chocolate twist. An Old Fashioned with primary notes of the honey in Aberfeldy 12 Year Old, paired with chocolate and orange citrus.

Only available over the month of August, get down to one of the participating bars to experience one of these honey and Aberfeldy whisky cocktails creations and show your support for the preservation of bees.

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