Bumper week for drinks releases

November 21, 2019
By Alana House

The summer drinks offering is heating up, with a bumper number of new releases hitting the shelves over the past week or two.

Jacob's Creek Go Suga

Jacob’s Creek has partnered with contemporary Australian artist Go Suga to design a new limited-edition look for its Classic Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir.

They have collaborated to create a design called ‘Wonderland’ that celebrates Australia’s life-loving spirit through joyful illustrations that depict the richness and diversity of culture on each bottle regardless of where you are from.

The ‘Wonderland’ limited-edition Jacob’s Creek Classic Sparking Chardonnay Pinot Noir is available for consumers in Australia now at leading liquor retailers at an RRP of $14.99. 

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Ketel One Botanical

Following successful launches in the US and Europe, Diageo has debuted Ketel One Botanical in Australia.

Crafted by 11th generation family distillers Carl Nolet Jr and Bob Nolet, the product has a lower ABV of 30%, with no artificial flavours, and contains 50 calories per serve.

It comes in three varietals: Peach & Orange Blossom, Cucumber & Mint, and Grapefruit & Rose.

Ketel One Botanical (30% ABV) is available now at local liquor retailers for a suggested retail price of price of $52.00 per 750ml bottle.

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Carlsberg bottle

Carlsberg bottles are taking on a new look in the Australian market as part of a global roll-out of packaging innovations.

In December all Carlsberg Pilsner 330ml bottles sold in Australia will feature distinctive new labelling that use Cradle to Cradle™ certified inks that improve recyclability. Cradle to Cradle Certified™ is a globally recognised measure of safer, more sustainable products made for the circular economy.

Carlsberg bottles will also feature new Zer02 oxygen scavenging bottle caps that remove oxygen from the head space in the bottles, reducing flavour oxidation and thereby resulting in a fresher tasting beer, for longer.

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Female-founded social enterprise The Sparkke Change Beverage Company is updating and re-launching all-new social change messaging on the cans of its 100% natural brewed product range.

The five new cans will be available to pre-order online from November 17, with Apple Cider, Ginger Beer, Hard Lemonade, Pale Ale, and Pilsner championing new messages about gender equality, sexual consent, racism, climate change, and social equity and inclusion.

The award-winning brews are all created in the exciting collaboration between Co-Founder and Director Rose Kentish and Head Brewer Agi Gajic.

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Two Melbourne entrepreneurs have released a fruity hangover prevention product called Bae Juice.

The product contains Korean pear to help reduce hangover severity.

Some studies have found that the ingredient Dihydromyricetin (DHM) had anti-hepatotoxic properties to help detoxify the body. DHM is a chemical extract found in a Japanese raisin tree and is present in Korean pears.

A six-pack combination is priced at $24, the 12-pack is $45 and 24-pack is $80. 

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Love Can RTDs

Sydney distillery Poor Toms has teamed up with Melbourne soft drink maker StrangeLove to create a range of premixed drinks called Love Can.

Initially available in three variants – Gin & Tonic, Vodka Yuzu Soda, and Spritz – Love Can is a platform for Poor Toms and StrangeLove to combine their expertise.

Love Can is available for $23.99/four pack at selected BWS and Dan Murphy’s nationally.

All Love Can products are 5% ABV and 1.0 standard drink.

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Gordon's Pink Gin

Gordon’s Pink Gin & Soda and Pimm’s Original No.1 Cup Lemonade & Ginger Ale are now available in cans.

Gordon’s Premium Pink & Soda 250ml cans balance the natural sweetness of raspberries and strawberries with sparkling soda water for a sweet, light flavour this summer.

Pimm’s Original No.1 Cup 250ml cans serve up the iconic Pimm’s Original No.1 Cup paired with lemonade and ginger ale.

Gordon’s Gin & Soda 250ml and Pimm’s Original No.1 Cup 250ml available mid-November nationwide. RRP $18.99 for 4 pack (4% ABV) 3.2 standard drinks.

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Absolut recycled bottle

The new limited-edition Absolut Recycled is made from at least 41% recycled glass, with the aim of saving the Earth’s resources and sparking a conversation on reuse and recycling.

Henrik Ellstrom, Absolut’s Global Director of Strategy and Innovation comments  “Absolut has been committed to sustainable production methods for many years; and we are excited to be celebrating this and specifically our recycling efforts in the form of a bottle launch for the very first time.

“We believe that a glass bottle must have a second life; Absolut Recycled is a pure manifestation of this belief. We hope that our new limited edition bottle campaign will inspire more people to use creativity in order to waste less.”

The Absolut Recycled limited-edition bottle is available now for a limited time at leading Australian liquor retailers at an RRP of $41.99.

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