Bruichladdich redesigns packaging, calls for industry to follow suit

February 19, 2024
By Cody Profaca

B-corp certified distillery Bruichladdich has redesigned the packaging of The Classic Laddie in an effort to reduce its carbon footprint. By removing the secondary tin and introducing lighter recycled glass it has succeeded in decreasing emissions by a reported 65%. 

The removal of the secondary packaging was a significant contributing factor. Eliminating the tin container, which customers previously had to opt out of receiving, resulted in a 1kg reduction in CO₂ emissions per bottle, also allowing more bottles to be shipped per pallet. Bruichladdich is hoping that the decision to dispel of the unnecessary outer packaging will be adopted by more distilleries in the future.

“As an industry, we’ve become accustomed to believing that single malt Scotch whisky must come with outer packaging as standard,” said Douglas Taylor, CEO. 

“Where most other spirits travel around the world in just the bottle, the majority of single malts have an elaborate or heavy secondary, outer pack. And it made us ask ourselves, why? Secondary packaging is not always necessary, and it’s certainly not sustainable.”

The Classic Laddie’s signature aqua-coloured glass bottle has also undergone a complete redesign. Beyond a 32% reduction in weight, the new bottle has also upgraded to an organic ink coating and a polypropylene closure and cork made from bio-based sources. 

“The new proprietary Classic Laddie bottle marks a significant step change for Bruichladdich. This is much more than a bottle redesign. It is changing the trajectory for the brand and the way that we operate as a values-led business,” said Taylor. 

Packaging updates reflect Bruichladdich’s distillery-wide sustainable solutions, including the installment of a circulatory heating system on-site, switching to cleaner grades of biofuels to reduce its carbon footprint, and exploring the feasibility of green hydrogen energy. The Islay distillery hopes to fully decarbonise production by 2025. 

Bruichladdich, owned by luxury spirits company Remy Cointreau, currently produces four spirits: Bruichladdich, Port Charlotte, Octomore, and The Botanist Gin. 

All four are imported into Australia by the Spirits Platform and are available nationwide.

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