Brewers meet sustainability targets with Kegstar

November 21, 2023
By Melissa Parker

More brewers are understanding the importance of sustainability. Using Kegstar’s network of reusable, sharable kegs brewers can make huge savings on emissions.

According to a recent LCA conducted by Deloitte, Kegstar’s customers reduce their collective freight-related greenhouse gas (GHGs) emissions by over 10 million kg of CO2e each year That’s equivalent to approximately 2000 homes electricity usage for a year.

Kegstar was acquired by MicroStar in 2021 and is now capable of partnering with brewers ranging from small startups to the largest, most sophisticated breweries in the world.

The company is built on the simple idea that sharing is better. As the trusted steward of the world’s most extensive shared keg supply chain, the business manages a global, circular keg infrastructure built for scalability over the long term with one purpose at its core: to build long-lasting customer partnerships that not only benefit each individual brewer, but the entire industry.

Kegstar, with the backing of its parent company, MicroStar sets the global quality standard. With over 50 years of experience and leading-edge technology, millions of kegs flow through the company’s quality centres each year to be returned to like new condition.

One of Kegstar’s partners, North Brewing Co.was originally founded in 1997 as a bar, and in 2015 it extended to a brewery making a whole range of beers from accessible lagers to strong, 11% and 12% Stouts.

The brewery has grown and developed, moving from kegs and casks to canning and exporting product. Kegstar has helped the brewery achieve these growth targets while improving on the company’s sustainable benchmarks.

North Brewing Co. in Leeds in the UK partnered with Kegstar early on. Director of Brewing at Seb Brink said they started with Kegstar because they didn’t want to wash their own kegs or own their own keg fleet.

Seb Brink

“For us, Kegstar was a great way to start kegging beer. We could get them on demand as and when we needed them. Using sealed kegs instead of plastic is a great way to improve our sustainability,” said Brink.

“One of the most important factors in beer quality is minimizing oxygen. Kegstar kegs come well purged. Much less risk of oxidising and staling the beer. It should give you the freshest and best beer. 

“It’s important that we keep on drinking draft beer because for us it’s always going to be the superior product and ideally you drink it in a nice pub in a nice environment and that’s just the best way to do it,” said Brink.

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