Bottle shop staff barricade thieves in cool room

Bottle shop staff trap would-be thieves in cool room

February 9, 2020
By Alana House

Bottle shop staff at a Thirsty Camel outlet in Perth used a pallet of beer to barricade three would-be thieves in a cool room on Friday night.

CCTV footage at the drive-thru, which is attached to The Springs Tavern, shows three man walking into the cool room just after 8pm.

Staff recognised the trio from previous incidents.

“As soon as they came in I knew they were a bunch of weasels,” a staff member told Sunrise.

“When they walked into the cool room we sprung into action.”

Bottle shop staff phoned police, however, the men knocked the door off its hinges and ran away, fortunately empty-handed.

Bottle shop staff barricade thieves in cool room

Friday’s attempted robbery is the third in the past five weeks, with thieves taking $700 to $1000 worth of good each time.

But staff recognised them and blocked their way out, phoning police once the trio was trapped inside.

General manager Niall Burke said they were “fighting back at the bully” while the Tavern described its bottle shop staff on Facebook as “our heroes”.

Around 10 to 20 cartons of beer were smashed during the incident.

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