Bombay Bramble

Bombay Sapphire introduces Bombay Bramble

August 4, 2020
By Alana House

Bombay Sapphire is releasing a new gin featuring natural berry flavours – Bombay Bramble.

The vapour distilled gin has a real fruit infusion that gives a distinct crimson colour and natural flavour.

With flavoured gin driving gin growth up 584% versus 12 months ago, the new release responds to recent consumer demand.

Unlike many other flavoured gins on the market, which often use concentrates, additional sugars and additives to flavour the liquid, it uses natural ingredients – blackberries and raspberries.

Ivano Tonutti, Bombay Sapphire Master of Botanicals, said: “Launching a flavour expression was always going to take time as it’s important that the taste experience comes purely from natural botanicals and ingredients.

“This is so we can offer even the most discerning gin drinkers the right balance of fruit flavour without compromising the quality of our core product. Master Distiller Dr. Anne Brock and I worked closely and carefully to infuse our gin with an exclusive maceration of berries that have been harvested at their ripest moment.”

Bombay Bramble

The gin is inspired by the modern classic and eponymously named gin cocktail, The Bramble, created in 1984. It simplifies the mixing of this iconic serve by offering both gin and berried fruit flavours in one spirit; an innovative way for bartenders and consumers to evolve this much-loved cocktail with ease.

Bombay Bramble (RRP $66) is available in bars across the county and in retailers from late August 2020. 37.5% ABV.

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