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Batch & Co has its apertivo moment

May 29, 2020
By Alana House

The spritz is having its moment in the sun as drinkers embrace lighter, healthier beverages. An Aussie entrant to the market is Batch & Co, a range of canned spritzes that balance wine with native Australian ingredients.

Capitalising on the “aperitivo moment” has become the latest buzzword in industry, fuelled by the popularity of the Aperol Spritz. Batch & Co’s upmarket virgin sodas and alcoholic premixes been created by Melbourne bartender Thomas Kiltorp, who arrived in Melbourne from Sweden in 2000, and quickly made his mark on the hospitality scene, winning The Age Good Food Guide – Bartender of the Year.

“After many years of creating cocktails, I knew what the consumer wanted and what the bartender needed,” Kiltorp said. “I wanted to create flavours that have the depth of cocktails yet are refreshing and delightful on the palette – the flavours really are the hero.”

Batch & Co

The range currently includes Noosa Spritz, a blend of grapefruit and dry Rosé; Brighton Spritz, combining pear, fig and Pinot Grigio; and Bondi Spritz, with guava, strawberry and dry Rosé.

Kiltorp said the feedback from consumers has been “fantastic”.

“It is all about liquid on lips, people have connected with the look and feel of the brand and love the finished drink, national and international sales are sustainable and growth is solid,” he noted.

In Australia, the brand has scored distribution through high-end channels such as David Jones and has a partnership with Qantas.

​”I think the concept of a Spritz in a can, to the design of the brand, flavour profile and the names of the spritzes – Noosa, Bondi and Brighton – all contributed to David Jones stocking us,” Kiltorp said. “There is nothing like escaping to our stunning coastal beaches when you’re not on holidays.”

Batch & Co products are also being exported internationally.

“New Zealand and Thailand both have dynamic distribution and other regions are coming online however; we are still in negotiation stage,” Kiltorp revealed.

The biggest seller for the brand, both domestically and overseas, has been the Bondi,

“Maybe that is because it is the most well-know beach internationally?” Kiltorp speculates.

Batch & Co also has a range of virgin sodas, which are currently on hold due to COVID-19.

“They will be back into production post COVID-19 and you will see three flavours emerge in that category,” Kiltorp said. “Batch & Co also has an existing partnership with Qantas and once COVID-19 subsides, you will see another category emerge created under Batch & Co for Qantas and potentially retailers.”

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