Barton resigns CEO position at Crown and Coonan to step in

February 15, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

Ken Barton has stepped down from his role of CEO at Crown Resorts with Helen Coonan stepping into the role of Executive Chairman until a suitable CEO is appointed to the new role.

Barton’s resignation was largely expected, having been called for again last week by the Independent Liquor and Gaming Committee Chair Philip Crawford in an interview with Radio National.

The resignation was announcement on Crown Resorts’ website. In the statement, Helen Coonan thanked Barton for his ten years of service and said he had always put the interests of Crown first.

She continued: “Assuming the role of Executive Chairman is a decision I have not taken lightly but the Board feels it provides leadership stability and certainty at this important time for the business.

“The Board is determined to maintain the momentum as Crown takes significant steps to improve our governance, compliance and culture. Working closely with the NSW Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority and regulators in Victoria and Western Australia, I will continue to lead on implementation of Crown’s ambitious reform program.”

Mr Barton will continue to assist the Ms Coonan during the transition period.

He said, ” I am absolutely certain the business is now on the right path as it works to restore confidence in its operations. I am committed to assisting with the transition to new leadership.”

Last week, Justice Patricia Bergin handed down her report, finding that found Crown Resorts was unsuitable to operate a casino as the organisation had been infiltrated by crime, facilitating money laundering and partnering with junkets with links to organised crime. This all came at the expense of the safety and welfare of their staff, the report found.

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