Bare Bones Ice Co. cocktail-quality ice delivered by Uber Eats 

November 28, 2023
By Melissa Parker

In Sydney, from this week, you can now get Bare Bones Ice Co. cocktail-quality ice delivered to your front door by Uber Eats. 

Bare Bones Ice Co. (BBIC), established in 2017 by French-born bartender Damien Liot, is celebrating six years in business this week.  And now Sydney’s premium ice supplier is making, and delivering via Uber Eats its clear, slow-melt ice to make the finest cocktails in the world at home.

Coming directly from BBIC’s new facility in Marrickville’s Brompton Street precinct, which launched only this week, consumers can order a bevy of ice types from old-fashioned blocks and 2kg bags of cubed ice to crushed and clear off-cuts. 

BBIC has already been available in selected retail stores for some time, but Uber Eats allows more products to be ordered online and delivered on demand seven days a week*. 

Damien Liot said: “The call for great ice had never been greater as people understand that premium, slow-melting ice is the key to bar-quality drinks at home. 

“Our new facility just opened alongside friends Messina, Poor Tom’s and Heaps Normal, and we are so pumped we can make more quality ice than ever, and you can get your favourite ice delivered when cocktail hour is calling.”

Liot uses proprietary technology at his state-of-the-art ice facility and has been servicing the best venues in Sydney for years, including Icebergs, Old Mate’s Place, Baxter Inn, PS40, Door Knock, Tetsuya’s, Mimi’s, Clam Bar, Firedoor, Saint Peter, Eileen’s at Four Pillars to name a few.

For friends in hospitality, the team has introduced the Bare Bones Mates Rates programme with a permanent 25% storewide discount for venues with a standing order. Bare Bones will announce more developments for the trade coming soon.

At launch, BBIC and Uber Eats will deliver from 10 am to 5 pm Monday through Thursday and until 9 pm Fridays and Saturdays. Sundays will come online soon. Conditions apply. 

BBIC is available to purchase at

BWS: Crow’s Nest

Dan Murphy’s: Alexandria, Coogee, Double Bay, Willoughby

Moncur Cellars: Woollahra

P&V Merchants: Newtown 

Woolworths Metro: Bondi Beach

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