Babelicious cocktails in a can

April 15, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

Basic Babe has expanded from Hard Seltzer launching two delicious canned cocktails designed by bar staff into the market in late April. The Mojito and Margarita cocktails are damn fine looking, ready to drink, sparkling cocktails in a can.

Made with spirits and not brewed or fermented, these two sparkling cocktails – raspberry and lime Margarita, classic mojito – are the perfect accessories to any occasion. Good looking, health conscious and environmentally friendly, they are like best friend you wish you had.

Less than 85 calories per can and 99% sugar free, these lightly sparkling full flavour proper cocktails in cans are spirit based and not made from wine of fermented. Basic Babe has worked tirelessly to achieve the best tasting cocktails so consumers can enjoy a bar experience wherever they choose.

Cocktails by Basic Babe are all fun and lots of health. The brand proudly states that it is built on connection, community and fun. Cocktails by Basic Babe mean that doesn’t matter where you are, here’s a ready to drink beverage without the queues, without the wait, without the bar tip. Creating the bar experience from wherever you are.

Product is available from April 26 through ALM, Liquid Mix, Liquid Specialty Beverages and Paramount through our partners, Vintage House.

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