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Australians yet to embrace canned wine

September 24, 2020
By Alana House

Wine Intelligence reports that Australian drinkers have been much slower to embrace canned wine than other countries.

The global canned wine market size is expected to reach $US155.1 million by 2027 and it’s already a booming huge segment in the United States.

Jen Bell, vice president of Strategy, Analytics & Insights for Ste. Michelle Wine Estates told Yahoo Finance: “The canned wine segment is up 57% year-to-date versus the same period last year, outperforming the wine category as a whole and thus gaining market share.”

Wine Intelligence said awareness of alternative wine formats, including cans and casks is rising in this new atmosphere of pragmatism and eco-awareness in Australia.

So why aren’t more Aussies buying them?

“Our latest research into wine packaging formats in the Australian market shows a noticeable increase in awareness of both of these alternative packaging types among Australian wine consumers,” said Wine Intelligence CEO Lulie Halstead.

“However, this increased awareness is not necessarily translating into increased purchase levels. In the case of wine in cans, awareness has grown significantly over the past three years yet the conversion to purchase rate among those aware of wine in cans has actually declined over the same period, meaning that growing awareness is not currently translating across to purchase at the same rate.”

Halstead noted that the main barrier to purchasing alternative packaging formats is the long-standing and habitual preference for standard glass bottles, with these being even more dominant in Australia than in other comparable established markets.

Canned wine sales

“Awareness of these options is significantly higher among older ‘Boomer’ consumers – but these are not necessarily the right audience,” she said.

“For wine in cans, awareness is actually significantly higher among 40-55 year olds rather than among younger Gen Z and Millennial consumers. However, despite having generally lower awareness of alternative wine packaging formats, purchase of these formats is higher among younger drinkers, once they become aware of the options available.”

As the sales of canned seltzer hot up in Australia, it’s a pivotal time for manufacturers to raise the profile of canned wine with younger consumers.

Sparkling canned wine leads sales in Australia

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