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Australian gin dominates at international consumer spirit awards

August 1, 2022
By Melissa Parker

Down Under, we know this already, but now it’s official. Australia makes world-class gin that people enjoy drinking. An incredible 46% of gin brands honoured with Double Gold at the International SIP Awards are Australian. Plus, 25% of the brands presented with Gold were Australian. Australian Distilling Co. won Platinum for its Adelaide, Sydney and Bondi Gin, including a Best of Class platinum medal for their Adelaide Gin.

These significant results acknowledge Australian gin’s quality, taste, drinkability, and competitiveness on the world stage because the SIP Awards cater to the opinions and palates of the public.

It’s the only internationally recognized consumer judging spirits competition

 unaffected by industry bias. A group of carefully chosen consumers from a wide range of demographics judge the awards to guarantee a level playing field. Its evaluation model provides an honest stage for feedback and recognition where top brands showcase their achievements.

This year’s SIP Awards were considered one of the most competitive to date with record-breaking 1270 submissions from around the world making the Australian gin results worth celebrating even more.

The results also provide producers with invaluable consumer insights in terms of what styles people like to drink and therefore was styles sell.

Australian brands coming home with the Double Gold include Young Henry’s for its Noble Cut, Never Never Distilling for their Oyster Shell Gin, Australian Distilling Co. for its namesake gin, Perth, Gold Coast and Freemantle Gin, Archie Rose for its Sunrise Lime Harvest, Brisbane Distillery for its Queensland Dry Gin and Karu Distillery for its Affinity Gin.

Australian gin brands winning Gold included Archie Rose for its Signature Dry and Distiller’s Strength, Never Never for its Southern Strength and Triple Juniper Export Strength, Cape Byron Distillery for its Brookie’s Byron Dry, Granddad Jack’s Craft Distillery Greenhouse Gin and Australian Distilling Co’s Geelong, Darwin, Melbourne and Brisbane Gin.

“To receive such high recognition from international consumers is a huge achievement and an honour. We were blown away by these results as we received more awards than any other Australian-based distiller,” said Michael Hickinbotham, Founder of Australian Distilling Co.

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