Australian Distilling Co opens two new distilleries

September 23, 2022
By Ioni Doherty

The award winning distillery, Australian Distilling Co, has opened two new distilleries: in Geelong and Fremantle

Australian Distilling Co has connections to both locations, making Geelong Gin and Fremantle Gin which recently won Double Gold at the 2022 International SIP Awards.

Both gins pay homage to their local regions and are made with locally sourced ingredients by Master Distiller, Professor Graham Jones.

For Australian Distilling Co’s Geelong Gin, Jones uses a bedrock of classic gin botanicals and adds raspberry sweetness and the cooling effect of peppermint to reflect the freshness and invigoration of Geelong’s seaside locale.

“We want to celebrate the flavours, the spirit and the stories of Geelong and making our gin in Geelong is the best way to do that,” says Australian Distilling Co founder Michael Hickinbotham whose great grandfather played in the Geelong Cats premiership sides in the 1880.

The new Fremantle distillery houses a custom-made copper pot still and Master Distiller, Professor Graham Jones, has identified hero ingredients to craft spirits that reflective of their homes. Australian Distilling Co’s Perth Gin, pairs the warmth of boronia with notes of lemon myrtle, while the Fremantle Gin balances the strong flavours of menthol, black pepper and peppermint gum for a lively but smooth drinking experience.

“It’s a really exciting time for us. We want to celebrate Fremantle’s colourful history, its stories and its people and it is vitally important to Australian Distilling Co that our Perth and Fremantle gins are truly local creations,” Hickinbotham said.

Australian Distilling Co has already opened and is opening gin distilleries in Adelaide, Darwin, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

The Australian Distilling Co boutique range includes 17 beautifully crafted products, with a range of innovative new products on the horizon.

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