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Australia to celebrate first-ever Shiraz Day

July 9, 2020
By Alana House

It may be the most popular red grape varietal in Australia, but there’s no Shiraz Day on the calendar to celebrate its achievements.

While there’s an International Syrah Day is marked on the global calendar for February 16 – Shiraz is often referred to as Syrah in the northern hemisphere – there has only ever been a small focus on Australian wines.

Considering the planting of Shiraz in Australia is thought to pre-date the James Busby Collection in the early 1830s, and our iconic red varietal is enjoyed and celebrated all over the world, the team at Mastermind Consulting thought it was time to introduce Shiraz Day.

This year Shiraz Day will be held on Thursday, July 23, and Mastermind is hoping the tradition will continue on the fourth Thursday of July each year.

Trish Barry, CEO at Mastermind Consulting said: “For almost a decade we’ve worked with Australian and New Zealand wineries to leverage varietal wine days and we’ve seen firsthand the sales impact that can be achieved with some focused messaging and targeted activity.

“It has been phenomenal and yet our most popular red grape varietal is not in the spotlight! Given it is key red wine season, it made sense to put this icon in the broader spotlight for a day and thus Shiraz Day is born.”

Shiraz Day
Wine glass and splashing symbol design. Vector illustration on white background.

The Mastermind Consulting team has made available a series of downloadable Shiraz Day social media graphics to help wineries, venues and online retailers leverage this new date and create some buzz around their Shiraz wines.

To help increase awareness, use hashtag #shirazwineday to tag social media posts.

Head to the Mastermind website for further information, including top tips for wineries on how best to leverage varietal days.

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