Aperol launches global campaign – Together We Joy

April 9, 2019
By Alana House

Campari’s booming Aperol brand has launched a new global campaign called “Together We Joy”.

It’s centred on a video called “Never-ending Connections” that depicts the brand’s social connectivity.

Directed by French duo Greg & Lio, the 45-second film is accompanied by the song “Cut a Rug” by singer Myles Parrish.

Andrea Neri, managing director Italian icons and gin at Campari Group, said: “Aperol always puts people in the centre of everything and it’s no different in this film, using content created by the actors themselves to create the final video.

“Greg & Lio have done a brilliantly creative job of expressing the character of Aperol and the connectivity it brings to consumers, which is reflected in a visually engaging and memorable piece of content, which we are really proud of.”

Agency J Walter Thompson added: “The idea was to give to the brand a new way of expressing itself, and a new way of talking to people. A language that was always able to speak to everyone, touching the right strings, exactly as Aperol manages to intercept everyone’s tastes. What we were looking for, in a nutshell, was a universal language.

“So, we chose the language of the music video, which lends itself well to telling a spontaneous, cheerful and made of connections between people positioning: a true universal language, being able to speak to everyone.

“The music becomes central to this project, because it was important to select something that would go smoothly with the video and with the director’s vision, which would be both engaging and exciting, even cheerful, without being too light.”

Watch “Together We Joy” below:

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