An inspired beer that’s better for you

November 10, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

The Inspired Unemployed’s Jack Steele and Matt Ford are using their social influence and beer connoisseur knowledge to bring you Better Beer, a 100 per cent Aussie owned and brewed, zero carb, zero sugar alternative to love.

They took the average beer and asked, “What can we do to make it better?”. The answer was simple: remove the bad and add more of the good.

They created ‘Better Brewing Co’ to create their dream beer and have produced a refreshing lager that according to them is the “crispiest beer in the world”.

With only 87 calories per can, Better Beer is the guilt-free alternative to your average schooner, taking the worry out of cracking open a few cold ones this Summer. In the past few years, consumers have been more health-conscious and are chasing a new, great-tasting, crisp beer that is better all-round.

A can of Better Beer clocks in at 4.2 per cent, making it the crispiest sip.

“We’ve always wanted to have our own beer brand, I think every young Australian bloke does,” says Mr Ford, “There are not many zero carb beers out there, so we thought, ‘Stuff it, let’s make our own beer!'”

Better Beer was born.

In the name of research, and in less than a year, alongside new business partner in beer, founder of Torquay Beverage Company Nick Cogger, Mr Ford and Mr Steele have spent countless days pouring over, testing, tasting and tweaking the best flavour they could muster up, perfecting the drop just in time for the hot Aussie summer.

“Honestly, we’ve been involved in every minute decision from the start to now the very large-scale. Production, direction, branding, marketing strategy, website, merch, distribution, you name it, we’ve been there through it. Every single little detail we’ve been in this 50/50 with Nick,” the boys added.

A zero carb beer with personality and zest for life, a cold one after a footy match, a way to unwind after a day in the surf, and a refreshing swig while you sizzle some snags on the barbie.

“This beer is for everyone,” says Mr Ford, “I guess the demographic will be more male because they generally drink more beer, but we’re hoping that females will get around Better Beer too.”

You can head to your local Dan Murphy’s, BWS or Independent bottleshop to get your hands on some Better Beer from Friday.

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