An atypical Loire Valley vintage delivers positive results

November 20, 2023
By Melissa Parker

In the face of varying weather conditions, InterLoire, the Loire Valley Wines Council has announced the 2023 vintage of Loire Valley wines is poised to deliver. It says through the expertise and dedication of professionals, the wines will present a distinctive array of surprising, fruity, and delicate flavours.

The unprecedented weather conditions significantly influenced the outcome. Throughout the Loire region, the climate alternated between wet and scorching, creating a diverse landscape in terms of yield and ripening from one appellation to another. Winegrowers capitalized on this atypical year, delivering a vintage of surprises and remarkable wines. The result is wines with a balance between sweetness and acidity, layered with delightful fruity notes and a moderate alcohol content.

“Despite the season proving particularly challenging for winegrowers, the quality of the vintage appears promising for most regions. Given the disparate weather conditions, the agility and technical prowess displayed by the winegrowers during harvest were crucial this year. The meticulousness applied in the winemaking process now stands as a decisive factor in ensuring a high-quality vintage that aligns with the evolving expectations of our consumers,” emphasizes Lionel Gosseaume, Chairman of InterLoire.

With the approach of the summer season and festive celebrations in Australia, InterLoire says the Chardonnays and Pinots Noirs designated for Crémant de Loire production present a harmonious and fruity aromatic profile, accompanied by refreshing qualities and tremendous promise.

The dry white wines are fresh, delicate, and fruity. In the Muscadet region, scorching heat prompted some estates to opt for night harvesting, avoiding excessively high temperatures that could trigger premature fermentation. Nonetheless, the sunshine bestowed the Melon de Bourgogne grapes with their distinctive freshness.

For grapes intended for rosé wines, the early September heatwave facilitated ripening. Beloved Australian rosé styles such as Cabernet d’Anjou and Rosé d’Anjou exhibit the perfect equilibrium of rounded sweetness with acidity.

InterLoire has announced that despite reduced yields due to weather fluctuations, the Cabernet Franc reds present exceptional quality, characterized by a splendid roundness and silky tannins.

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