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Ampersand leads with packaging first and portfolio expansion

May 28, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

Ampersand takes its name from the symbol – & – reinforcing the company’s value to provide beverages that can be easily added to, enhanced and experimented with by consumers. The term ‘add whatever you want’ is a common tagline of their marketing campaigns.

The initial concept for “Vodka, Soda, &” was developed to provide consumers with a ‘vodka and soda’ in the convenience of a can. As the first to market with this concept, the “Vodka, Soda, &” cans are easily recognised by their clean, minimalistic branding and innovative, open aperture-ended can allowing consumers to add their own lime and/or fresh garnish.

In keeping with a consumer – focused business model, Ampersand Projects has not only developed a range of beverages and pack-types to suit their consumers, but has also been successful in developing a cult-like following with their consumers through a highly successful social media presence.

Ampersand Projects has continued to lead the market with successful new product launches, building a portfolio of nine products. Pink Gin Soda & and Vodka Soda & Watermelon are two of its latest releases to hit the market.

Ampersand Projects is excited to announce its next ‘industry first’: its new 355ml aluminium bottle. This is the first of its kind with a 30mm bottle opening making it easier than ever for consumers to “add whatever you want”. This pack-type also keeps beverages cooler for longer,  can be re-sealed and it’s 100% recyclable.

In a recent survey, consumers also said the aluminium bottle is easier and more enjoyable to drink from. This innovative game-changer is another example of how Ampersand Projects has the consumer at the heart of its business.

About Ampersands Projects

The directors and owners of Ampersand Projects, Shaun Rankins, Alex Bottomley and Marcus Kellett, are trail-blazers, committed to creating and continuing an on-trend,

agile business. Each has extensive business experience in the liquor industry, including professional experience with Coca Cola, ASM Liquor and Molson Coors.

The directors share the vision of developing a product aligned with current consumer needs. Using their combined knowledge of sales, marketing, distribution and industry, Ampersand Projects has grown to be a well-identified and sought-after consumer brand across metro and country regions in Australia.

Founded in 2018, the company has achieved revenue and growth targets exceeding forecasts and expectations. Its sales have tripled annually, despite the pressures of competition and a global pandemic. Moreover, Ampersand Projects has won back to back, annual “Best Entrepreneurial Business” awards and grown to significant scale in volume and national distribution with their flagship brand “Vodka, Soda, &”.

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