AIX goes large for a big summer

November 8, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

A few years ago, one of Australia’s favourite Provence Rosés, AIX, worked with the Merivale team to develop a screw cap magnum bottle for their venues. . These screw capped magnums are now the only kind of magnums AIX imports into Australia and they look to be at the top of wine lists across the country this summer.

“It’s been a huge success and is now in several key markets. We produced around 125,000 magnums in 2020, which is substantial compared to our total volume,” said Jaap Sonnemans, Global Sales Director at AIX.

Owner and winemaker Eric Kurver is hopeful that a summer filled with celebrations as people re-connect will lead to an increase in magnum sales in Australia.

“If we manage to sell 125,000 magnums globally, that will be an increase of 25 per cent compared to 2019, but we do experience an increase every year. This is because people from ‘outside the wine world’ are starting to get to know and opt for larger format bottles, especially magnums. 

“The goal is to sell a little bit more, despite this challenging year, as people are keen to celebrate life again,” said Mr Kurver. 

Today magnums of Rosé are a summer favourite on the Mediterranean. The trend started about 15 years ago alongside the rise of the day club. The large size makes it perfect for sharing among a group of friends with the added ‘aspirational notion of fun’. Additionally, the visual share-ability of ‘the big bottle on the Mediterranean’ on Instagram almost goes without saying.

Day clubs continue to grow in popularity for 20, 30 and 40-somethings. From Thailand and Bali to South America, sharing a big bottle of Rosé with friends looks to be a trend which is set to continue. In an Australian setting, it is easy to imagine beachside celebrations right around Australia with a magnum of Rosé to hand.

Mr Kurver says, “Our strategy right from the start has always been to focus on ‘sharing’. This chimes with restaurants which are also increasingly focusing on the concept of sharing dishes.

“The old adage that ‘bigger bottles taste better’, should really be that they taste better when shared’.” 

AIX doesn’t just stop at the magnum, sales in Europe of 3L, 6L and 15L Nebuchadnezzar sized bottles all increased, showing that there isn’t an occasion too big for AIX, says Mr Kurver.

“Sharing a bottle of AIX should be about effortless conviviality, but we know the party has truly begun when a bigger bottle is cracked opened!” he says.

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