A mulberry dream from award winning distillery

April 20, 2022
By Ioni Doherty

South Australia-based Twenty Third Street Distillery is launching its newest gin flavour: Mulberry Gin.

Combining local mulberries and orange zest from the Riverland, the gin is a show stopping crimson colour with a full and juicy palate. The initial berry sweetness is followed by lingering herbal and peppery complexity, lifted with juniper and citrus.

Twenty Third Street Distillery Brand Manager, Amelia Wright, said the gin is a result of complex flavour building and careful harvesting.

“Ripe mulberries are so delicate and susceptible to crushing that we had to be incredibly delicate when harvesting them. We steep the berries in juniper and orange zest before basket pressing to extract the best essences from the mix,” said Wright.

“The Riverland mulberries used in this gin are harvested from October to November and combined with cane sugar syrup that has been infused with juniper for 48 hours. We distil our Mulberry Gin in copper before the mulberries are added to retain the refined ‘heart’.”

The bottle features a beautiful artwork, Mulberry Dreams, by Lena Baumgartner, an Adelaide born and raised self-taught artist who paints in a modern abstract expression. She uses bold and energetic colours and is often inspired by memories of scuba diving in beautiful reefs around the world and the different colourful foods she has enjoyed on her travels.

The Mulberry Gin is available at Twenty Third Street Distillery in Renmark, the perfect tipple to celebrate the incoming colder months. The gin will be available nationally at First Choice Liquor Market and across selected Liquorland stores from May.

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