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TOMRA-Cleanaway bombarded with CDS noise complaints

TOMRA-Cleanaway bombarded with CDS noise complaints

Residents and businesses throughout NSW are complaining their lives are being ruined by the noise disturbance of NSW CDS Return and Earn machines.

In Goulburn, residents near the Woolworths Return and Earn station in the Marketplace carpark are demanding it be moved to another location, arguing it should not be so close to the residential strip.

They have described the frequent TOMRA-Cleanaway truck pick-up noise - which begins as early as 6.30am - as an “avalanche of glass" that is exceeding the State Environment Planning Policy for container recycling equipment, which notes that a containment should not emit more that 70 decibels.

Meanwhile, the owners of Mandelson’s of Goulburn, Claire and Steve Ayling, told the Goulburn Post the noise is affecting their customers.

“We’re running a business. This is a heritage guest house and the guests all hear it,” Mrs Ayling said.

MP Pru Goward said she was seeking a solution: “I am aware of the issue brought to my attention by Claire and Steve Ayling on behalf of community members who reside in and are operating a business in the vicinity, shortly after the program was rolled out.

“I immediately made representations to the Hon. Gabrielle Upton, Minister for the Environment, on their behalf. I want their concerns rectified and the process in question clarified.

“I am very sorry that this is happening and it’s not good enough for Woolworths TOMRA-Cleanaway system to be operating in this fashion.”

Residents near Fairy Meadow Woolworths say they have had to contend with the sound of bottles and cans being tipped into Cleanaway pick up trucks up to three times each day.

Corinne Cortese, who lives in a townhouse behind the bins, told The Illawarra Mercury the pick-ups have started as early as 6am some mornings.

“Just this week, the Cleanaway truck parked underneath our fence at 7.30 on Sunday morning and then they start emptying glass bottles,” she said.

“My daughter was playing on our patio, and she nearly had a heart attack. It’s like water torture, hearing the bottles drop in there all day – and then when they empty the bins it goes for about 20 minutes and it’s just so loud.

“We knew Woolies was there, obviously, when we purchased the house, but we didn’t know there was going to be essentially a tip installed next to our property without anyone even telling us.”

Residents said the organisations involved passed the buck when they complained.

“It’s one of those things where Cleanaway says ‘we get our directions from Woolworths,’ and then Woolworths says they have no control over the process,” Cortese said.

A Woolworths spokeswoman told the newspaper the issue had been “escalated” to Cleanaway. 

Residents are also calling for a Return and Earn machine to be relocated in Bathurst, saying it has caused shocking noise pollution.

Since the machine arrived, a large, noise recycling truck has pulled into Torch Street at 4.30am every day and woken residents with the sounds of smashing bottles as the bins are emptied.

Linda Aldwinckle, who lives on Torch Street, told The Herald: “the repetitive clunk, clunk of bottles landing in the waste bins is continual throughout the day.”

A NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) spokeswoman said network operator Tomra Cleanaway has responded to the “issues” and will now “service the site from 6am”.