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Taylors Wines creates world-first temperature pop-up restaurant

Taylors Wines creates world-first temperature pop-up restaurant

Taylors will toast the end of summer with a world-first pop-up experience focussed on the importance of temperature.

Taylors has called on Chef Duncan Welgemoed, head chef of hatted Africola, to create Celsius – a unique evening of wine, food and technology to stimulate the senses and prove just how much temperature affects the food we eat and the wine we drink.

Over four nights, consumers will be invited to experience a three-course dinner menu with matching Taylors wines in a fully immersive experience, all centred on the importance of temperature.

The pop-up is part of Taylors’ ongoing campaign to educate consumers about how the flavours and aromas of a wine can be transformed when served at the optimum drinking temperature.

“Temperature is the most important factor in serving a wine at its very best. The old world myth of serving reds at room temperature and whites ice cold just doesn’t work in Australia, particularly during summer,” Taylors Managing Director and winemaker Mitchell Taylor said.

“Especially with red wines, when they are served slightly chilled, they are completely transformed – the flavours and aromas are more rounded, balanced and much more refreshing. This dinner experience will show our guests how temperature effects everything, ultimately tying back into the importance of serving temperature for wines.”

Guests on the evening will be invited to capture their Celsius experience in a whole new way as Taylors and thermal imaging brand FLIR ONE will offer each guest a temperature sensitive, smart phone camera adaptor. Diners will be able to capture unique images of the experience using low-light and infrared technology.

The experiential wraps up another summer of Taylors Optimum Drinking Temperature campaign. First launched in 2015, the annual campaign showcased Taylors’ innovative optimum drinking temperature sensors featured on every bottle of Taylors Estate and Promised Land wines. The temperature sensitive sensors change colour depending on the temperature of the wine – turning a bold fuchsia for red wines and vibrant green for white wines. Each sensor is tailored to each individual variety and precise within 1°C of the temperature reading.

Taylors Celsius will be open February 7-10 at COMMUNE (901 Bourke St, Waterloo NSW) with two sittings each night (6pm and 8.15pm). Tickets will be $99 each.

For more information, visit www.taylorswines.com.au/celsius