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Perth bar bans patrons aged under 21

Perth bar bans patrons aged under 21

A Perth pub has banned patrons aged under 21 from its garden bar following rowdy behaviour by young drinkers.

The Windsor Hotel said it had made the decision after a “motley crew of patrons” had been breaking glass, urinating on the floor and damaging toilets.

The ban originally applied to under 25s, but has been revised to under 21s. Younger patrons are no longer welcome at the garden bar on Friday and Saturday after 9pm.

The decision has sparked a vicious online backlash, with the the individuals involved leaving a large number of negative reviews and comments on the pub's Facebook page.

A spokesman for the pub told the Daily Mail: "What's happened is they have created a group online and in about 45 minutes the venue got over 100 one star ratings."

Hotel manager Max Fox-Andrews stood by the decision, telling The West Australian: "We are a family venue and these country kids who come down to Perth to let loose on the weekends and continually disrespect us, their behaviour just won’t be tolerated.

“We just want to make it clear that if they cannot behave like adults, we’re going to treat them like children.

“We’ve just had enough. We’ve tried to tolerate their behaviour, we’ve tried to contact them, yet they still misbehave and treat us with disrespect.”

The pub also responded to one of the negative reviews with the post below:

Fox-Andrews said said the issues had been occurring “on and off for about a year”.

“We’ve got a demographic of 25 to 65, and I’ve seen patrons walk out the door as soon as these guys come in because they ruin everyone else’s fun,” he added.
Older patrons have welcomed the move, with positive comments such as:

"I will be going out of my way to make sure i go to your pub as of today.... good job guys!!!"

"Well done for standing up to bad manners and bad behaviour The Windsor Hotel South Perth!! You guys rock!"

"I'm an ex South Perth person, and applaud the Windsor action. Why should well behaved patrons have to put up with the behaviour of a few. The Windsor was has a long reputation of being a well run pub... stick with it."

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