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New app helps publicans better connect with consumers

New app helps publicans better connect with consumers

A new app - Shouted - has been launched that allows users to safely pre-purchase drinks at their favourite venues and events.

Shouted was developed by Shouted Pty Ltd, an Adelaide company owned by Michael Bois and Sam Nicolitsi (pictured below).

Created in consultation with publicans, liquor companies and development agencies, Shouted encourages users to create groups and add friends. New users are immediately greeted with all the great deals available from partnered venues.

"Shouted was built to allow venues greater agility in managing on-prem discounts and to inspire trial of new products, something the venues have no real solution for aside from hand-selling," said Bois. "This means cheaper deals for the consumers, better information for the venues. It's a win-win."

According to Bois, the beauty of the app for consumers is the ability to shout people a drink from anywhere in the world; pre-purchase favourite drinks at favourite venues and events; order a drink for someone when they can’t make it to a concert or birthday; regulate consumption during the rounds system; and more safely accept drinks from others at venues.

"We set out to develop a fair and controlled way of engaging in round-buying," he said. "People feel compelled to partake in this even though they don’t plan to have as many drinks as friends they’re shouting or are shouting them.

"Now, Shouted users can be shouted drinks via the app but consume them at their own pace. If their turn to shout comes back around, they’ll be able to re-shout drinks they haven’t consumed, which were shouted to them earlier. While this may appear to reduce spending on-prem, we believe it’ll encourage more people to go out with groups of friends if the playing field is even."

Using the Shouted app, an individual can re-shout drinks they’ve previously been shouted, meaning each drinker is only paying for what they’re consuming but is still adhering to the one-for-one social law. 

Bois added that it is also useful for avoiding drink spiking concerns.

"Our customers have noted that they feel safer being shouted a drink via an app as opposed to having it handed to them by someone they’ve recently met or don’t know that well," he said.    

"Using Shouted, the user can also be shouted drinks to their app, meaning the individual is collecting their own drinks from the bartender." 

Shouted also offers the opportunity to check-in when you arrive at a venue to let your friends know where you are, allows music festivals and events to pre-sell liquor (making the bars cash flow positive); and provides liquor distributors with a mechanism to launch and inspire trial of new liquor products (while minimising risk to the venues within which these products are sold). 

"We've built a sophisticated vendor portal for creating deals and viewing consumer purchasing behaviours and other drink-specific data in real-time," Bois explained.

"We’re working on amalgamating the consumer app with a vendor app to allow venues and events to onboard more easily, curate and share better content and, above all, communicate with purchasing customers. We are also working on a sophisticated private messaging platform to allow users to communicate with venue managers privately. If a customer feels unsafe, they can quickly message the on-premise venue manager to alert them of a situation. We believe this will be a powerful resource to make all venues safer environments for all patrons." 

Shouted is looking for industry partners to help it evolve the app further. Venue owners and managers can sign up by downloading the app and creating an account. From there they are be able to register a venue and create their own Shouted deal in a matter of minutes. After a short approval process, deals will be live and available for purchase.

Shouted is available for download on iOS from the App Store, and on Android from the Play Store.

You can also contact Bois at michael@shouted.io and on 0408651373.