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Mister Mixer introduces espresso martini party kegs

Mister Mixer introduces espresso martini party kegs

Well, of course you need a espresso martini keg at your next party ... beer is so 2017.

The home-delivered kegs are the latest innovation from Mister Mixer, which says it is responding to demand from customers with this latest innovation.

The Espresso Martini five litre kegs - priced at $180 - join a range of small batch cocktail kegs that include Green Apple Mojito, Passionfruit Caipiroska, Classic Sangria and the Classic Cosmopolitan. 

The cocktail recipes are created by entrepreneur Valjean Boynton, with the Espresso Martini containing flavour notes of vanilla, burnt orange and vodka compliment a smooth cold brewed specialty blend of Arabica coffee beans. 

Mister Mixer also uses draught technology to allow service of authentic cocktails at events and bars. It won the company a Best Innovation gong at the 2015 Australian Drink Awards.

Boynton noted at the time: “It is incredibly exciting to be recognized by the industry with such a prestigious award. Mister Mixer really is all about innovation – not just in terms of cocktail delivery, but also new recipes and ingredients. It motivates us even more to create new and exciting products for our customers."

Keg technology means bartenders can serve cocktails through existing beer taps in less than 10 seconds. This ensures product consistency and reduces wait times at the bar. The company also notes that it means bar staff don’t need any special training and venues make around 75% gross margin on each serve.

“Mister Mixer enables bar staff with any level of experience to consistently serve high volume, high quality cocktails," Boynton added. "By using draught technology, we ensure freshness and offer consumers the best possible product every time.”

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