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Makr Shakr launches mass-market robot bartender

Makr Shakr launches mass-market robot bartender

Italian company Makr Shakr - responsible for robot bartenders on Royal Carribbean cruise ships - has launched a mass-market robotic cocktail maker.

Called Nino, the Bionic Bar has the capacity to mix an infinite variety of cocktails from up to 170 bottles of different spirits.

Customers can place orders via an accompanying phone app, where they can either pick a recipe created by a professional mixologist, or devise their own concoctions.

With its modular structure — a base unit of 3x3x3 metres — Nino can be incorporated within a bar’s counter, used in freestanding mode, or installed in any open-air location. It features a Corian counter as well as an illuminated wall that displays data about current orders, queue time and usage statistics. The two robotic arms carry out different tasks: the first arm is in charge of shaking, stirring, and muddling; the second arm pours drinks.

Creator Carlo Ratti told Dezeen that Nino is not intended to replace human bartenders.

"We like to think that Nino can help us explore how people might embrace the new possibilities offered by robotics and digital manufacturing," he said. "Robots are already revolutionising the job market — but few people have seen them in real life, let alone controlled them.

"We think that this knowledge is the first step to be able to manage technology — and for us is a crucial role of Nino'" he continued. "This is also the reason why we have picked standard industrial arms, instead of camouflaging them under a humanoid appearance."

Nino uses Corian counters and has an illuminated rear wall display that can show information including current orders and queue time.

The original Makr Shakr units have been installed on five Royal Caribbean cruise ships, plus one on the Las Vegas strip. The company says that these units have so far made more than one million drinks, sometimes serving as many as 800 cocktails per night.