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The bold new political wine you didn’t know you needed

The bold new political wine you didn’t know you needed

Nic Peterkin, an established Margaret River winemaker and founder of LAS Vino wine, has created a bold, provocative political wine that’s been generating widespread discussion.

Peterkin is born of wine parents - Pierro owners and winemakers Mike Peterkin and Shelley Cullen - and was the winner of the 2016 Gourmet Traveller Young Winemaker of the Year.

He's been making delicious drops for some time now, but this wine is “arguably one of the best wines we’ve made,” he told Broadsheet.

The new wine, “Fuck Him”, was inspired by the social injustices inflicted by Donald Trump, and the sheer prejudice of ‘what he stands for’, explained Peterkin.

“Wine is such an international product. You couldn’t have a good bottle of wine without all these different components. As soon as you read the label, you’ll know the wine is about being inclusive and incorporating the whole world. Wine brings people together regardless of their background,” he told Broadsheet

Indeed, the label is incredibly expressive, encapsulating this universal notion of multicultural acceptance. It reads:

“This 2016 Chardonnay is made in Margaret River, Australia from vines imported from France under Israeli irrigation, tended to by an Italian tractor, with grapes picked by a group of Irish, Germans, Estonians, and Koreans under the supervision of a South African.

"We pressed the grapes using a Swiss press, and a Mexican winemaker and Dutch girl transferred the wine into French oak. It was then sealed with a cork from Portugal, with wax from the Czech Republic. The wine was bottled with the help of a lesbian, and put into boxes made in Indonesia.

"This was written using a program downloaded from India with a label designed by a legend in the USA, proofread by an Eurasian Australian woman in New York and is exported to Singapore, Tokyo, China, and the U.K., and drank by those wanting to bring friends together from all countries, ethnicities, sexes, sexualities, and religions. FUCK HIM.”  

Source: Instagram. "Thanks to @idrew365 in Seattle for the amazing artwork.” RRP $55.

The wine has been embraced over social media, with hundreds of people eagerly praising the bold new wine:



Peterkin, a highly educated winemaker, knows how to balance great juice with innovative marketing.

“The benchmark in Australia is so high that people won’t buy your wines unless they like the taste,” he told Gourmet Traveller Wine.

But he also knows how to stand out: “If I can’t answer the question ‘what makes this wine unique?’ then I won’t make it,” he says.

His wines are available in London, Tokyo, Sydney, Melbourne and Western Australia. You can shop online for his wines here.


Cover photo lasvino.com.