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Hawke's Lager celebrates love in yards this Valentine's Day

Hawke's Lager celebrates love in yards this Valentine's Day

Bob Hawke’s beer brand, Hawke’s Lager, has partnered with boutique flower delivery service Little Flowers to bring an extra measure of love this Valentine’s Day.

A select few Romeos (or Juliets) in Sydney will be able to send a special gift to their Valentines – a bunch of Little Flowers, plus their very own “vase”, measuring a whole yard (91.4cm) in length.

Nathan Lennon, co-founder of Hawke’s Brewing Co. said: “We’re a soppy bunch of romantics at Hawke’s. That’s why this Valentine’s, we’ve joined hands with Little Flowers to give other romantics the chance to not only send flowers but also go that extra length with another special gift – a vase that can hold up to 1.4 litres of water, or other liquid. Because we truly believe that the deeper the vase, the deeper the love.”

Hans Christian Berents, co-founder of Little Flowers added: “We’ve always believed in taking the bigness out of the flower industry... the big price tags, the big occasions and the ridiculously big bunches. But when it comes to vases, we have to agree with the team at Hawke’s – the bigger the better, and in this case, the more romantic. We can’t wait to be a part of it when Sydneysiders really drink in the love this Valentine’s Day.”

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