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Dan Murphy's outlet blocked by Perth community

Dan Murphy's outlet blocked by Perth community

Dan Murphy's has been blocked from opening an outlet in the inner-Perth suburb of Maylands. 

The liquor giant has been battling with local residents for more than five years over its plans to replace the rundown Peninsular Tavern.

The WA Liquor Commission has refused to grant an application by Woolworths’ Australian Leisure Hospitality to build a $3.5 million 1200sqm bottle shop and small tavern on the site.

The Commission previously knocked back the plans in 2016, but Woolworths appealed to the Supreme Court, which ordered a review of the decision in 2017.

WA Labor MP Lisa Baker led the fight against the development, together with together with health authorities and police. She said the mindset of retailing "basically a legal drug" at the lowest price, made her community uncomfortable.

"When people leave the premises, there are issues like violence outside them and all the negative things that go around having lots of very cheap alcohol," she told ABC News.

She added to Eastern Reporter: “It feels extremely gratifying that all of the work, the effort and the passion from this community has paid off in the Liquor Commission’s decision,” she said.

“They will be greatly relieved that they can actually look forward to something more suitable being built.

“Let’s hope we can get a better use on that valuable lot – something that fits with the residential and heritage nature that you find in that part of Maylands.”

An artist's impression of the proposed development

Woolworths argued the Dan Murphy's store would have a positive impact on the amenity of the area and service its growing population.

It also offered to contribute $50,000 as a one-off payment, followed by $5000-a-year, to the local authority, the City of Bayswater, to help with alcohol harm minimisation strategies.

Included in its submission, it said a freeze on liquor licences across inner Melbourne had failed to make any significant impact on alcohol-related health problems.

It also cited a report predicting that alcohol consumption would continue to fall over the next five years due to rising health awareness and campaigns advocating responsible drinking.

In April, Randwick Council lost a bid to keep Dan Murphy’s out of Coogee.

The NSW Land and Environment Court upheld an appeal by Woolworths to build a Dan Murphy’s at the former Randwick Rugby Club site on Brook St, despite Randwick Council having rejected the development application.

The council and residents objected to the size of the store, its affect on traffic congestion and its social impact.