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Aussies ditch sauvignon blanc for rosè

Aussies ditch sauvignon blanc for rosè

Move over sauvignon blanc, rosè has stolen your crown.

Campbell Stott, general manager of Dan Murphy's, has told the Australian Financial Review there's been a shift away from sauvignon blanc among the liquor chain's consumers.

"There's been a migration away from sauvignon blanc into something new," Stott said. "It's refreshing. It's seen as stylish".

"We've found it to be quite consistent now. People like to have a rosè in the fridge instead of a sauvignon blanc."

Treasury Wine Estates' Squealing Pig recently became the biggest selling brand in the rosè category in Australia, celebrating 200% growth over the three months to August 19.

Squealing Pig also won Emerging Brand of the Year at the 2018 Australian Drinks Awards last night. 

The Australian Drinks Awards are an initiative by The Drinks Association to celebrate excellence in the drinks industry. 

Australia’s top 200 brands were automatically entered in Emerging Brand of the Year, with the winners determined through a nationally representative consumer survey of 4000 respondents conducted by Thrive Research.

TWE's big plans for Squealing Pig 

Squealing Pig is also premiumising the category, as it's priced at $17, compared to the No.2 rosé - Jacob's Creek's Le Petite Rose at $15. 

TWE's deputy chief marketing officer Angus Lilley told the AFR the company was already in talks with big retailers and distributors in the United States and United Kingdom to take Squealing Pig global. He expects Squealing Pig to be on sale there in early in 2019 

"The rosè category is absolutely on fire," he said.

Laura Wenn, Senior Brand Manager Squealing Pig, said the secret to Squealing Pig's success is that it doesn't take itself too seriously and just focuses on being a "cracking wine".

"Our brand name and packaging is also quirky, memorable and distinctive and of course rosé as a variety has experienced huge growth in popularity over the past 12 months due to its refreshing taste profile and lovely pink colour," she said. 

And she's expecting the Aussie summer to propel the wine to even greater heights.

"Rosé is loved by Australians, and in particular millennials because it is a refreshing wine choice in the summer time," she said. "And, contrary to popular belief, rosé is just as popular with guys as it is girls!"