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Are 3D printed drinks the cocktails of the future?

Are 3D printed drinks the cocktails of the future?

Mixologists are always hunting for new ingredients and garnishes to dazzle their customers.

And a new innovation means its possible to print 3D liquid objects in drinks.

Developed in Austria, Print A Drink is an industrial 3-D printer that injects individual droplets in a preprogrammed pattern, creating shapes that remain intact as you swirl the drink around.

Print A Drink made its debut in the US last year thanks to a partnership with scotch distillery Auchentoshan.

Auchentoshan created the Bamboo Scotsman - a play on the classic Bamboo with Auchentoshan American Oak, Dolin Blanc vermouth, fino sherry, aromatic bitters and orange bitters - at a tasting event in New York. The drink was designed to act as a canvas for the first 3-D printed cocktail in the US. The molecular shape itself is made out of coloured olive oil and is designed to maintain its shape for 15 to 20 minutes.

Click here to watch it being made.

Benjamin Greimel, who developed the technology for Print A Drink while studying at the University for Art and Design in Linz, is working to create a version suitable for bars, with improved resolution allowing for more complex printed shapes.

As Liquor.com notes: "Perhaps, someday soon you can walk into your favorite bar and find a mini-Death Star (or the bar’s logo) suspended in your Negroni."

Company creates 3D printed energy drinks

It's not just cocktails going 3D. Smart Cups Technology is being touted as the next big thing in energy drinks.

Created by a Californian company, the single-serve Smart Cups are biodegradable, 3D printed polycapsule cups that turn into energy drinks when users fill the cups with water.

Microcapsules containing vitamins and minerals, are printed onto the surface of the cup, which are activated when it’s filled with water, resulting in an instant, sugar-free energy drink.

The drinks come in four flavors: “tropical recess” features pineapple, coconut and lemon lime; “pucker up brain boost” features lemonade and berry flavors; “magna cum latte” blends coffee taste with latte; and “nerdy lemon-T” blends tea lemonade and fruit flavours.

Smart Cups CEO and Founder Chris Kanik said: “This delivery system is a scientific breakthrough that the food and beverage industry has never seen before. Putting the power of science into a cup, Smart Cups provides a more convenient, hassle-free and eco-friendly beverage experience for consumers. We’ve developed a game-changing delivery method that consumers will be able to experience through our initial line of energy drinks. This delivery system print technology will become the new standard for a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, beverage, water purification and beyond.”

Watch a video below: