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42Below turns moustache hair into doorstoppers

42Below turns moustache hair into doorstoppers

OK, now we're heard it all.

42Below has used the hair from men shaving off their Movember moustaches to stuff doorstoppers.

Take a moment to process that ...

We're pretty sure your next question will be why?

The vodka brand explains: "Moustaches are creepy. And around this time of year, men all over Australia tend to grow these nasty lip weasels for a good cause. Once they’re sick of creeping everyone out, they just cut them off. That’s a waste, and 42BELOW hates waste.

It collected "all those dirty mouth pubes" to create the world’s first eco draft-stoppers filled with moustaches, which also look like moustaches. 

42BELOW has a record of planet saving things – like turning old cocktail garnish into eco soap, and making solar powered phone charging stations out of 100% recycled materials so all the Instagrammers can snap and double tap at festivals the brand sponsors.

This time around "42BELOW can stop some drafts under people’s doors. Which saves energy. Which saves the environment. Which keeps the super pure water we use to make our vodka super pure. Frankly, we’re amazed no one has thought of this before."

Men on a mission to remove their moustaches visited a series of bars across Australia for a 42BELOW Mo Harvest Party, where teams of professional barbers shaved "all those snot mops" and "professional grandmas knitted Doorstaches from them before their eyes." 

Everyone who contributed to the Doorstache was rewarded with a gratis 42BELOW cocktail.